Kamis, 01 Mei 2008

Cancer patient fights for England domain

A cancer patient was so impressed by his NHS treatment he has been inspired to spread his English pride via the internet.

Maidonian John Sewell found himself overflowing with patriotism after receiving treatment for Hodgkin’s disease at Wexham Park Hospital.

Overcome with the need to celebrate our nation’s strengths, he launched a campaign on St George’s Day to ensure a corner of the world wide web remains ‘Forever English’.

The web entrepreneur is campaigning for England to have its own domain name, .eng and has set up an online petition. He has collected more than 350 names in the past eeek and will take the final tally to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN),

The Pinkneys Road resident said: “I’mproud of the NHS and England and feelquite patriotic about doing something for England.”

The 46-year-old said: “The major driving force for this campaign was beingill. Being treated by the NHS made me realise how great it is to be in this country. I wouldn’t have had any better care anywhere than I received in Wexham.”

The campaign and petition can be found at www.doteng.org

Internet Protocol Television Announces IPTV Domain Name Sales

Six Premium Generic Names Available Now at Sedo. The IPTV domains are currently listed in Sedo's Featured Domain section, with private reserve prices. The listings will be available for up to 30 days, unless a deal is accepted before the end of this time period.
(Media-Newswire.com) - Long Beach, Calif. ( April 30, 2008 ) – IPTVDomains.com today announced that six of the top IPTV-related Internet domain names are currently up for auction Sedo.com, the premier global marketplace for domain name sales.

The premium, category-defining domains include IPTVBox.com, IPTVBoxes.com, IPTVSetTopBox.com, IPTVSetTopBoxes.com, IPTVSetTop.com and SetTop-Boxes.com

“Generic domain names and Web addresses are incredible brand assets,” said Dan Brown, president and CEO of Companyone.com, a domain name news and consulting service, and owner of IPTVDomains.com. “These premium names not only solidify a company’s brand identity, but they also serve to capture targeted, highly qualified Web traffic.”

The IPTV domains are currently listed in Sedo’s Featured Domain section, with private reserve prices. The listings will be available for up to 30 days, unless a deal is accepted before the end of this time period. Visit www.Sedo.com and navigate to the “Featured Listings” section at the middle of the home page to place an offer.

Many of the top companies in the world recognize the value of generic, category-defining Web addresses. Examples include Bank of America, owner of Loan.com; major bookseller Barnes and Noble, owner of Book.com; and multi-national, multi-industry giant Disney, owner of such premium generic domains as Movies.com, Video.com and Family.com.

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, makes use of a set-top box to provide digital television service through technology first developed for computer networks, as opposed to traditional broadcast methods. According to IPTV news source FierceIPTV.com, more than 100 million set-top IPTV boxes have been sold to date. The impending switch in the U.S. from analog to digital service, mandatory in February 2009, is thought to play a large part in the growing popularity of IPTV services.

For more information on the IPTV domain name auction, or to make offers on additional generic IPTV domains, contact Dan Brown at iptvdomainnames@gmail.com or visit IPTVDomains.com.

About IPTVDomains.com

IPTVDomains.com offers a wide variety of IPTV-related, premium domain names. With well over 600 generic IPTV domain names in its portfolio, IPTVDomains.com is currently planning development of its premium names into world-class websites. In addition, IPTVDomains.com does some sales as well as JV projects. To make an offer on a domain, or for more information, visit IPTVDomains.com or email Dan Brown, president and CEO, at support@iptvdomains.com, or call ( 562 ) 335-6512.

Rabu, 27 Juni 2007

Domain in music

Domain is the debut album by the British metal band Above All.
Domain is a German heavy metal band

Domain in information technology

In information technology, the term domain can refer to:
a machine or virtual host on the Internet; the name of a domain (the "domain name") can be confused with the domain itself.
a Windows Server domain, a centrally-managed group of computers using the Windows operating-system
a broadcast domain in computer networking
an application domain - the kinds of purposes for which users use a software system
a software engineering domain - a field of study that defines a set of common requirements, terminology, and functionality for any software program constructed to solve a problem in that field. See also domain-specific programming languages.
a CLR application domain, a mechanism for separating executed applications (similar to a process)
In Database Theory, a data domain is a set of all permitted atomic values.
a workstation operating system called Domain/OS.
a group of computers on a network that share a common directory or storage locations.

Domain in mathematics

In mathematics domain can refer to:
the domain of a function
one of the domains of a relation
an ordered structure studied in domain theory
a ring-theoretic domain, an integral domain or a Euclidean domain — types of ring
an open and connected set
domain of discourse in symbolic logic

Domain in sciences

domain (biology)a subdivision even larger than a kingdom
protein domain, an autonomously folding functional module of a protein
domain (phycics), a region of a solid inside which a property is uniform (for example magnetic in feromagnetims)

The meaning of domain

Domain has several meanings:

some kind of territory, such as (for example) a demesne or a realm
synonymous with a metaphorical field, e.g. "the domain of computer science"
a field of study
public domain, a body of works and knowledge without proprietary interest
atomic domain - a domain whose elements class as indivisible units
eminent domain, the power of government to confiscate private property for public use
The Domain, a shopping mall in Austin, Texas, USA
in several Commonwealth countries, the name for parkland made available for public use by the monarch or their representative, the Governor. Examples include:
The Domain, Sydney: a large open space near the central business district of Sydney, Australia
Kings Domain, Melbourne: in Victoria, Australia
The Domain Tunnel, Melbourne: a tunnel that runs underneath the Yarra River in Victoria, Australia
Queens Domain, Hobart: in Tasmania, Australia
Auckland Domain: a large inner-city park in Auckland, New Zealand containing an ancient volcano and the War Memorial Museum
Throughout New Zealand a Town Domain is typically a public sport area administered by a Domain Board.